Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

More Fanny Crosby: Words of Salvation

Whenever I search for Christian poetry or songs, Fanny Crosby invariably comes up, and I am struck once again by her amazing attitude and obvious talent. Today I was looking for poetry that might sum up the beautiful notion of “by grace through faith,” the Reformation battle-cry that meant more than life to my ancestors and means so very much to me. On my search, I found this:

Behold the Wondrous Love
Fanny Crosby

Behold, behold the wondrous love,
That ever flows from God above
Through Christ His only Son, who gave
His precious blood our souls to save.

All praise and glory be unto Jesus
For He hath purchased a fall salvation;
Behold how wondrous the proclamation,
“Whosoever will may come!”

Behold a fountain in His side,
To all the world is opened wide;
Where all may come, by sin oppressed,
And find in Him sweet peace and rest.

Behold Him now exalted high
Above the bright and starry sky;
Yet through His Word He calleth still,
“Come unto Me,” whoever will.

Behold in Him the Living Way,
That onward leads to endless day;
Where, saved by grace, the ransomed throng
Lift up the everlasting song.

Oh, shivers!

(c) 2012 Joyously Saved

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