Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

A Cyber Dash Through Cyber Hymnal: What I Found

Lately I have been filled to the brim with stories of my Reformation ancestors who kept the faith with courage and steadfastness. Thus, I decided to pull up Cyber Hymnal, a popular online site burgeoning with Christian hymns of all descriptions, to see what might catch my eye. I was led to this song --- “March On, O Soul, With Strength --- and was surprised to note that it mentioned the very subject I had covered in yesterday’s post! (The Lord likes to remind us that we are led :-))

“March On, O Soul, With Strength”
George T. Coster 

March on, O soul, with strength!
Like those strong men of old
Who ’gainst enthron├Ęd wrong
Stood confident and bold;
Who, thrust in prison or cast to flame
Still made their glory in Thy name.

The sons of fathers we
By whom our faith is taught
To fear no ill, to fight
The holy fight they fought;
Heroic warriors, ne’er from Christ
By any lure or guile enticed.

March on, O soul, with strength,
As strong the battle rolls!
’Gainst lies and lusts and wrongs,
Let courage rule our souls;
In keenest strife, Lord, may we stand,
Upheld and strengthened by Thy hand.

Not long the conflict: soon
The holy war shall cease,
Faith’s warfare ended, won
The home of endless peace!
Look up! the victor’s crown at length!
March on, O soul, march on, with strength!

(c) 2012 Joyously Saved

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