Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

Menno Simons: Nuggets of Wisdom

In my study of the Reformation faiths I enjoy picking out prominent reformers and other people of note and getting to the bottom of their personalities. What better way to find out who they really were and how they really felt than to read their quotes and writings? Having already featured quotes from Martin Luther and John Calvin, I decided to include writings with an Anabaptist flavor, thus I picked out a few gems from Menno Simons:

Concerning persecution, something with which 16th century Protestants were far too well acquainted:

“. . . I mean those who know the word of the Lord, but do not live according to it. Oh, no! it is the word of the cross and will, in my opinion, remain so to the last, for it must be sustained with much suffering, and sealed with blood. The Lamb is slain from the foundation of the world, Revelation 13:8; yea, He did not only suffer in His body, but also through the cross and death entered into that glory, which He, for a time, had left for our sakes, Luke 24, John 11:25. If Christ then had to suffer such torture, anguish, misery, and pain, how shall His servants, children and members expect peace and freedom from suffering while in the flesh?”

Concerning faith:

“. . . we teach with Christ and say, ‘Believe the gospel,’ Mark 1:15. That gospel is the glad tidings and promulgation of the favor and grace of God toward us, and the forgiveness of our sins through Christ Jesus. The believer, by faith, receives this gospel through the Holy Ghost, and does not look upon his former righteousness or unrighteousness, but hopes against hope, Romans 4:18, and with the whole heart depends upon the grace, word, and promises of the Lord; since he well knows that God is true, and that His promises are sure . . .”

Of the Catholic and Lutheran faiths, Menno Simons had quite a few interesting things to impart that were not quite so charitable :-) (One must wonder what he had to say about the Calvinists!) Yet this was definitely a man who knew where he stood and what he expected his fellow believers to confess. He was a man after God’s own heart. In an era where standing up for truth could have disastrous consequences, he simply did not care about the danger. For he knew God’s promises were sure.

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