Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Faith of the Martyrs

I have always been extremely interested in the 1500s and particularly the Reformation aspect. As a Protestant, seeing how early Protestant martyrs chose God’s truth while retaining their steadfast faith, quiet assurance of salvation, and love of truth fills me with indescribable admiration. I recently sought out films set in the Reformation era and discovered one that mentioned the story of Anne Askew (I cannot recall the name of the movie). It seemed fairly accurate based on what I knew of her life. I cannot imagine how believers of this era could hold their heads high and refuse to submit. Their eyes were on the prize . . . they endured the brutal caress of torture and never flinched.

I am so blessed to continue their faith tradition. When I say I am a Protestant I am immensely proud. I have a strong and unshakable legacy and a faith that can endure every obstacle. I think of my spiritual ancestors and feel a surge of wonder. They loved God more than the world and their actions showed it. Especially after studying the brutal Reformation era, I am also immensely thankful that I can practice my faith void of the terrors my ancestors faced. 

There is a song by the contemporary Christian band ZOEGirl, by Alisa Girard, Kristin Swinford, Chrissy Conway, Lynn Nichols, and Tedd Tjornhorn, that wonderfully (and eerily) captures the stalwart martyrs’ unbreakable profession of faith. It is called “Beautiful Name.” The chorus is particularly meaningful. 

“I will run, I will fly, I will live to be a sacrifice,
Through it all I’ll rise above, unafraid I’ll face what comes,
I will run, I will fly, and for my faith I’ll live and die,
I’ll be strong, I will press on, for the sake of Your beautiful Name.”

All I can add is, ‘Amen.’

(c) 2012 Joyously Saved

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