Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 05, 2012

Music and the purity of faith

Music has always been an important part of the Protestant tradition. As a result, countless hymns have been written that express the liberation of "by grace through faith," that recreate the peace, joy, and trust in God despite all odds that our ancestors so strongly felt. Though it is often the old-fashioned hymns that bring the Protestant tenets to light, there are also a few contemporary Christian songs that are just as effective.

One of these songs --- a personal favorite --- is "Your Great Name" sung by Natalie Grant. The tune is immensely powerful, but the lyrics steal the show. In part, "All the weak find their strength; at the sound of Your great name. Hungry souls receive grace; at the sound of Your great name." Hungry souls receive grace. No conditions. No "you have to do this so I will . . ." No "you must behave in this way or . . ." Just pure, unadulterated grace. You believe, therefore you are saved. You act as God wills, therefore you are saved.

The Protestant essence at its best.

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