Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

“Behind Every Great Man . . .” --- Katharina von Bora Luther Quiz

Try to guess the answers or check the answers below!

1.       How old was Katharina von Bora when her father Hans, a struggling nobleman, sent her to a convent in Brehna, Germany?

2.       Which man who would become known as a Protestant reformer did Katharina write to in the early 1520s, pleading for assistance in escaping the convent?

3.       What food item was generally carried in the sort of barrels in which Katharina and her fellow nuns escaped the convent of Marienthron?

4.       In what season did Katharina von Bora and Doctor Martin Luther marry?

5.       What were two affectionate titles Luther had for her?

6.       What fellow Protestant reformer would have Katharina “accepted” marrying if Martin Luther had not been available?

7.       How many sons did Katharina have? How many daughters? What were their names?

8.       Which of Katharina’s children died young?

9.       What was Katharina’s cause of death, and how old was she?

(1)    Five years old (1504)

(2)    Martin Luther, who in 1525 became her husband

(3)    Herring. They were transported by Leonhard Koppe of Torgau

(4)    Summer (June 13, 1525)

(5)    “My Lord Katie” and “the Morning Star of Wittenberg”

(6)    Nikolaus von Amsdorf (who, like Luther, was sixteen years her elder)

(7)    Three sons (Hans, Martin, and Paul), three daughters (Elizabeth, Magdalena, and Margarethe)

(8)    Magdalena (thirteen)

(9)    Katharina became ill after being bedridden due to a cart accident. She died at 53 years old

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