Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 03, 2013

As of today, I won't be posting every Sunday or re-posting prior posts, but I encourage any visitors to take a look around my blog. The tale of "Joyously Saved" is a very personal one to me. Ever since I first heard the stories of French Protestants killed for their faith at Fort Caroline (present-day Jacksonville, Florida) and at the Matanzas massacre near St. Augustine, I've had this fire inside of me to remember, honor, and cherish the memories of those unnamed victims. Subsequent visits to St. Augustine disheartened me when I saw how little documentation or mention there was of America's first religious martyrdom, especially since I and most of my ancestors have enjoyed a strong Protestant heritage.

This particular story has resonated with me in a way none other ever did, and I've decided just to leave this blog up as a remembrance and hopefully for readers to learn of and mourn the fate of those long ago Huguenot martyrs. Whenever I'm seized with some tidbit of information concerning the Florida Protestants of 1565, I may post, but I'll probably just write when inspiration strikes me. I hope any and all viewers will read previous posts, especially those concerning the raid on Fort Caroline and the Matanzas massacre, and will find a place in their heart for these forgotten men, just as I have.

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  1. What a thoughtful blog. A shame I didn't find it until now. Such a caring tribute to a critical part of St Augustine's history so grotesquely overlooked.


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