Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

Music To the Ears

There are Christian songs, and then there are powerful, gut-wrenching Christian songs that really drive home the truths of Scripture. A good friend of mine was looking up hymn lyrics a few days ago and came upon “Someday the Silver Cord Will Break” by Fanny Crosby. The last verse was an eye-opener: “Some day, till then I’ll watch and wait / My lamp all trimmed and burning bright / That when my Savior I will greet / My faith will then be changed to sight.”

I thought of my ancestors, and of others who sacrificed their homes, their goods, and often their lives for the purity of faith and the love of God. How else could they face the burning stake, the rushing waters, the hangman’s noose? How else could they say, clear-eyed and stout-hearted, “I will not convert”? How else could they retain that eerie calm and assurance even when their hours were numbered? Because they understood the truth in those words. “My faith will then be changed to sight.” That was all that mattered. No evil that man could inflict upon them could overtake the thrill of being enveloped in the Savior’s arms at the moment they gave their testimony.

Though they were weak, vulnerable, and oppressed, at that moment, when they understood what was expected of them and the sacrifice they were called to make, I believe they were stronger than we could ever hope to be.

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