Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012

What Will "Round Two" Hold?

My Protestant pilgrimage to Matanzas Inlet, the site where nearly 250 French Protestants were martyred in September and October of 1565, was a life-changing experience, but I sense it is not over. I prayed and commemorated and honored, yet I feel I can never return to St. Augustine, Florida, playing tourist and having a grand old time, without paying homage to the men killed for their faith. I have always felt that the memory of these slaughtered Protestant men still dogs the quaint Spanish city of St. Augustine, whispering of the injustice and slaughter that formed a foundation for Spain’s first permanent colony in what would become the United States.

When I return, I plan to also return to Fort Caroline, the reconstructed Huguenot fort in Jacksonville which I was unable to enter this year due to construction work. My plan for my next pilgrimage is to leave a cross at Fort Caroline as I did at Matanzas. I want to buy a French flag at the Fort Caroline visitor center and subsequently leave it at the massacre site fourteen miles south of St. Augustine. I have not yet decided if or what I will read, but I am sure the perfect suggestion will come. It is an eerie feeling, standing where hundreds of men died for their faith. As a “Reformation” Lutheran it gives me a shiver of solidarity when I think of gazing upon those dunes once more, but I would never consider failing to return. It is too bound up in my blood now. I am a witness. I am a commemorator. I will not forget.

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