Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

The Power Behind the Huguenot Cross

I was recently thinking about my Huguenot cross and what it means to me, how I feel solidarity for my Protestant ancestors and their suffering when I wear it. Then I really got to wondering how many people truly know what it means. I once attended a relative's birthday party and proudly wore the Huguenot cross. I was rather sad when no one brought it up, but then I realized it was very likely that no one knew what it was. In fact, many people have little idea what "Huguenot" means and why Protestants should be proud to uphold the name and memory of this martyr church. So if you wear a Huguenot cross and someone seems interested in it, tell them. Explain the symbolism, the dove of the Holy Spirit, the twelve fleur de lis points representing the Apostles, the eight points for the eight Beatitudes.

Some might ask why a Christian would wear a Huguenot cross in place of a common cross. Sadly, I believe the usage of the "common cross" has been corrupted. Those who are not Christian wear crosses as a "fashion accessory." A person who wears such a cross is not necessarily Christian, and, though we are not to call attention to ourselves, we instinctively want to show our Christian affiliation to the world. The Huguenot cross is so different and has such a special meaning that if someone asks after its origin, one should teach about the Huguenots and, ultimately, their sacrifice for Christ. All roads lead to Christ in such a situation.

That is not to say that the Huguenots themselves were worthy of more remembrance than Christ. What is the reason we wear a cross? To remember Christ's sacrifice? To show we are Christians? To recall that we are loved, cherished, and saved? The Huguenot cross, by reminding us of those who loved God above their own lives, serves as a powerful reason to give our all for God in our own lives. We know He walked with our forebears and will continue to walk with us. And of course we know we are loved, for the cross shows that the spirit of faith can never die and God's mercy will never cease.

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